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For Buyer & Media

Operation Summary

The Japan Tourism Agency is inviting foreign buyers who specialize in luxurious travel that are geared towards wealthy visitors from Asian countries for promoting travel to Japan from eastern Asian countries and media outlets from foreign countries. They will experience high quality regional resources, culture, and service in Japan, and exchange opinions with the content suppliers who provide them in order to promote traveling to Japan and commercialization of travel to Japan.

Project objective

The purpose of this project is to promote the wealthy visitors from eastern Asian countries to travel to japan, and also to promote the commercialization of travel to Japan.


Foreign buyers ( 10 people ) and foreign media ( 5 people )

Subject areas: China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong

Invited Countries and Areas

China (3), Korea (4), Hong Kong (4), Taiwan (4) Total of about 15 people

About 10 people are buyers and 5 people are from the media.

Operation Schedule

March 12th (Monday) through 17th ( Saturaday ) , 2012

Arrival date: March 11th (Sunday)

Departure date: March 17th (Saturaday)

Grouping of the invitees

Same schedule for all members on 3/12 ( Monday ), 3/13 ( Tuesday ), 3/16(Friday)

Invitees are grouped into 2 teams on 3/14 ( Wednesday ) and 3/15 ( Thursday )

China and Hong Kong team (Okinawa) 7 people   *China: 3 people, Hong Kong 4 people.

Korea and Taiwan team (Kyoto)   *Korea: 4 people, Taiwan: 4 people

Schedule of Japan Luxury Travel Forum 2012 ( March 11th, 2012 through March 16, 2012 )
( *The schedule may change. )

( * = Japanese only )

[[ Tokyo ]] March 11th [ China/Hong Kong/Korea/Taiwan ] ( Lodging :Hotel New Otani )

Go to the hotel individually after arriving at Haneda Airport.

Dinner at Hotel New Otani. Free & easy after dinner (Enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo)

[[ Tokyo ]] March 12th [ China/Hong Kong/Korea/Taiwan] ( Lodging :Hotel New Otani )

AMIsetan VIP Tour
(Presentation, observing welcoming when the store opens, observing the store)

LunchTentatively at Kurayamizaka Miyashita* in Aoyama

PMObserving Omotesando and Harajuku
POP Culture Tour in Akihabara (Stroll in Akihabara, experience a maid cafe)

Dinner Omae XEX in Roppongi

[[ Tokyo ]] March 13th [ China/Hong Kong/Korea/Taiwan] ( Lodging :Hotel New Otani )

AMObserve Edokiriko shop at "Hanasho" and experience a workshop
Transport to lunch restaurant while looking at Tokyo Sky Tree

LunchTentatively at Joel Robuchon LA TABLE
*There is a dress code. Details are explained on the individual itinerary.

PMObserve Tokyo City View, VIP tour at Mori Art Museum
(Accompanied by the curator.)

DinnerTentatiely at Ginza Shimon

[[ Okinawa ]] March 14th [ China and Hong Kong Team ] ( Lodging:Hyakuna Garan* )

AMTransport to Okinawa


PMObserve Kuganizeku Matayoshi*
Hotel Inspection (Observe the gallery at Hyakuna Garan)

DinnerSpecial dinner at the hotel

[[ Okinawa ]] March 15th [ China and Hong Kong Team ] ( Lodging:Royal Park Hotel )

AMValley of Gangala (Eco-trekking tour in a forest with a limestone cave)

LunchSimujo Okinawa Soba

PMDS Free time
Transport to Tokyo


[[ Kyoto ]] March 14th [ Korea and Taiwan Team ] ( Lodging:The Westin Hotel Kyoto )

AMTransport to Kyoto

LunchGarden Oriental*

PMKiyomizudera VIP Tour
Observe Nishiki Market

DinnerAt Gion Hatanaka, observe Maiko Evening

After dinnerClose, Stroll in Hanamikoji

[[ Kyoto ]] March 15th [ Korea and Taiwan Team ] ( Lodging:Royal Park Hotel )

AMObservation at Ando doll store


Transport to Tokyo


[[ Tokyo ]] March 16th [ China/Hong Kong/Korea/Taiwan ] ( Lodging:Royal Park Hotel )

Opinion exchange meeting10:00~17:30 (Tentative)

JAL Luncheon12:25~13:25 (Tentative)

Farewell Party18:30~20:30 (Tentative)

March 17thReturn to their countries according to individual schedules.